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Hiring product talent has a distinct impact on more than just the quality of products shipped to customers; it shapes an organization’s culture. When talent density is high, organizations benefit from a sustainable increase in productivity and that’s a moat. However, implementing this in practice has been difficult as everyone wants the absolute cream of the crop. Every cash-rich company has the goal of standing tall among the fierce competition for hiring the top 1-2% of developers and data scientists out there. Hence, we at Skillspace.ai often get to interact with leaders from various organizations who are trying to decipher the problem statement and solve it.

A challenge growth-stage startups face is competing with the likes of Google and Facebook. The issue isn’t simply about salaries. Google doesn’t just have a strong presence among consumers, they also have products that motivate their marketing departments to develop a stronger relationship with the developer community. Further, because of their decades of presence, they have been able to display their culture in the best way possible. Additionally, none of these organizations are slowing down in any way. About a quarter of Google’s mighty workforce is dedicated to engineering and product development. On top of all that, these organizations’ people strength grew by at least 30% in the last two years. For someone like Amazon or Coinbase, the growth in people strength is staggeringly larger — over 100% and 200% respectively, in the last two years.

Therefore, we considered asking this to Nishant Das in a recent Hiring Diaries episode (LinkedIn/Website). Nishant is currently the global head of talent at Coinswitch, India’s largest cryptocurrency exchange. Before joining Coinswitch, he was the head of talent acquisition at Directi, one of India’s most sought-after product companies by developers, and has also led talent acquisition for Fractal Analytics and Bank of America.

Host, Mudit from Skillspace.ai:

As global tech giants like Google and Coinbase are tapping into the Indian talent pool, how do you approach employer branding as a talent the talent leader of India’s largest cryptocurrency exchange

Guest, Nishant from Coinswitch:

Okay, so before I venture into the answer, I would like to quote my current CEO Ashish Singhal, “The way we are paving the path in the Web 3.0 space, we’re trying to build a framework for the next two decades in the country.” He says this with vehemence and from a fundamental point of confidence that the next Google and Facebook will emerge from India. 

Yeah, so I don’t think we are at a stage where we need to kind of, you know, I think they’re great organizations, but it’s not the overall defining list. There will be more significant players at any given point; I think it’s always about the unique proposition you bring in. And it is necessary to propagate that in messaging. You can’t say it once. You wouldn’t get results by saying it twice. You had to keep on repeating it in multiple different ways. The flavor stays the same. And you can keep iterating on how you were communicating the message. And in terms of the vision of the organization, I think it’s necessary, and whoever feels convinced enough will choose an opportunity with the organization. 

Still, at any cost, messaging cannot stop messaging in any way and form to convey the goal statement and vision statement of the organization. Again, I’ll come back to my previous point, which is, by answering the question, why should the individual join the company rather than the other way around in evaluation processes? As long as that question is being answered, the right messaging will always emerge.

Watch the complete dialogue with Nishant Das

This was an excerpt from the recent episode of Hiring Diaries by Skillspace.ai – a series of Conversations with the Top 1% Talent Leaders. In the episode, Nishant shared a unique perspective on getting employer branding right and several other topics including –

  • Role of assessments platform as Growth Lever in Technology Hiring
  • Reducing Churn in Technology Hiring Funnels
  • Recruiting trends in technology for India Inc in 2022
  • Candidate Screening Strategies at Different Scales
  • Delivering memorable candidate experiences
  • Plus much more.

To view the entire episode on-demand, visit here – https://skillspace.ai/hiring-diaries/key-strategies-for-tech-hiring-with-nishant/.

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