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How It Works

Invite candidate to interview platform
Interact in real time coding environment
Make notes of your interview & give a verdict
Access interview report and evaluate at your pace

40+ Programming Languages Supported

With over 40+ programming languages supported by Skillspace, you can code during your interview in any language you like.





















20+ more languages…


Robust coding environment with the support of 40+ languages

With support of 40+ languages you or the candidate can pick whatever they desire. 

Have a video call with candidates to get more insight

Interact with your candidates face-to-face. Assess them in terms of confidence, wits, and expressiveness.

Make decisions in or out of the interview

Feeling pressurised to make a call? Don’t worry we got you! 

You can choose to make a decision within the interview or look at the report and decide it later.

Keep track of all interviews

Keep track of all upcoming, ongoing and past interviews from one location. Get access to features like viewing reports, copy links, alter decisions and more.

Think less about your report because we will make it for you

Yes, that’s right! You can focus on evaluating and we will focus on documentation. Get access candidate code submission and whiteboard images in the interview report. You can revise your evaluation and make a call at your own pace.

What Our Clients Are Saying About Us​


We understand that when you evaluate candidates remotely, it is imperative for your hiring assessments to be accurate and secured with automated invigilation mechanisms. The best proctoring and plagiarism solution for resolving this concern is provided on SkillSpace.AI. You can customize the proctoring stringency and eliminate cheating without affecting the candidate experience. When enabled, the platform monitors candidates’ online behavior and alerts them when there is an indicator of cheating to prevent them from engaging in malpractices in the first place. Additionally, the platform shows you the confidence score for each candidate as soon as the assessments are completed, allowing you to decide on suspicious cases.

Using our intuitive assessment platform, you can create your first assessment within 10 minutes. If you would like to see our platform in action, you can sign up here or request a demo. Our team responds within 24 hours and can help you begin using automated remote assessments.

Hiring remotely offers the advantage of evaluating candidates across geographical boundaries in a short amount of time. Because we understand this, we built our platform for a scale that can handle thousands of assessments simultaneously. You can schedule a demo here to learn more about how a scalable remote assessments platform can fuel your organizational growth.

Skillspace.AI uses a variety of types of questions to help you create relevant assessments for the skills you are seeking in your hires. Using Skillspace.AI, you can evaluate developers using multiple-choice questions (MCQs), data science challenges, file upload questions, git-based project assessments, and coding challenges for evaluating proficiency in fundamental subjects like Data Structures and Algorithms.

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