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Effortlessly create data science asssessments using variety of real-world datasets and hire best talent from the pool

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How It Works

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Subramanian Karunanithi

DPhi provided all the features we needed to host the internal coding challenges. Their team supported us with a few custom features to provide a gamified experience through a real-time leaderboard. We were highly satisfied by the outstanding support from the DPhi team and looking forward to continuing our association.

Subramanian Karunanithi

Subramanian Karunanithi

Engineering Lead, Cisco

Key Features

Jupyter Notebook Integration

We offer a seamless in-browser jupyter notebook integration that allows Data Scientists to submit their assessments in their favorite environment. At the same time, it allows hiring managers to seamlessly review the candidate’s code from their browser without downloading the code.

Auto grading using evaluation metrics

Conduct data science assessments on a wide range of real-world datasets. Auto evaluates and benchmark candidate’s projects as you do in a real-life scenario. Choose industry-standard evaluation metrics based on the type of problem (classification or regression) and dataset

Repository of real-world datasets

Easily set up relevant assessments with our library of datasets or create your own custom data science assessments

What Our Clients Are Saying About Us​

Neeraj Kumawat

We strive to deliver world class products to 100 million+ users of Trell, and for this we’ve always explored impactful avenues. I’m delighted that we could find a great partner in DPhi who helped us with our first edition of Data Science Challenge.

Neeraj Kumawat

Neeraj Kumawat

VP Engineering, Trell

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