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Simplify your hiring process. Seamlessly hire the right candidates based on automated skill-based assessments.

Seamlessly hire the right candidates based on automated skill-based assessments.

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End to End Technology Hiring Assessments Covered


Auto evaluate tests in more than 40 programming languages. Leverage a library of 1K+ New Questions.

Professional Assessments

Go Beyond DS & Algos. Test using real-life scenarios, and automated Data Science and Project-based tasks.

1 on 1 Tech

Conduct system design, whiteboarding, and pair programming interviews in
a lucid interface.

AI powered

Detect and deter cheating in your remote hiring tests using our AI-Powered Proctoring Engine.

Seamless Video Calling

Conduct a one-way or a two-way video interview without any friction.

Pair Programming Enabled

Customizable IDE for 40+ programming languages to code with the candidate.

Collaborative Whiteboarding

Give system design and other whiteboarding questions with real-time collaboration.

Notekeeping for Future Reference

Add your feedback about the candidate & save the codes and drawings for future.

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50+ Programming Languages Supported

With over 50+ programming languages supported by Skillspace, you can code during your interview in any language you like.





















Evaluate developers efficiently in 3 simple steps

Create a Reliable Real World Assessment​

  • Select the role you wish to hire
  • Choose challenges from library or
    create your own

Invite Candidates

  • Send invitations seamlessly by e-mail or public URL
  • Send bulk invitations with a click of a button

View reports and advance top performers

  • Automatic scoring with real-time results
  • In-depth review reports of candidates

Advanced automation with simplified user experience

Automated Evaluation

  • Coding/Data Science/Framework related questions are automatically evaluated without any manual intervention.
  • Also, we have a feature: The feature is built in a highly customizable way where employers can flexibly adjust scores.

Advanced Proctoring

AI-powered proctoring that prevents impersonation

To proctor virtually, we use AI facial recognition algorithms. The platform provides an overview of abnormal instances, including impersonation, multiple people in the frame, and more

Monitor tab switching activities

Enabling tab monitoring will allow you to track the instances of tab switching

Controlled code-editor that prevents copy-paste

skillspace.ai assessments can be made to restrict the test environment from copy-pasting code in the in-built code editor

There's more to Skillspace.ai!

Robust online judge

Extremely scalable assessed over 100K+ developer submissions

Supports 40+ languages

Online compiler with support for 40+ programming languages

Take-home assignments

Tests on job demand skills on the front end and backend frameworks

Create custom questions

Create questions ranging from coding to data science challenges

Dedicated support

Get access to dedicated support.
Our support is always with you.

Seamless collaboration

Team management functionality
for collaboration across teams

Practical Tests

Conduct meaningful end-to-end assessments for on-the-job skills

Eliminates Bias

Evaluate talent purely based
on their technical skills.

Hence Startups and Enterprises ❤️ Skillspace.ai

Subramanian Karunanithi

DPhi provided all the features we needed to host the internal coding challenges. Their team supported us with a few custom features to provide a gamified experience through a real-time leaderboard. We were highly satisfied by the outstanding support from the DPhi team and looking forward to continuing our association.

Subramanian Karunanithi

Engineering Lead, Cisco


We understand that when you evaluate candidates remotely, it is imperative for your hiring assessments to be accurate and secured with automated invigilation mechanisms. The best proctoring and plagiarism solution for resolving this concern is provided on SkillSpace.AI. You can customize the proctoring stringency and eliminate cheating without affecting the candidate experience. When enabled, the platform monitors candidates’ online behavior and alerts them when there is an indicator of cheating to prevent them from engaging in malpractices in the first place. Additionally, the platform shows you the confidence score for each candidate as soon as the assessments are completed, allowing you to decide on suspicious cases.

Using our intuitive assessment platform, you can create your first assessment within 10 minutes. If you would like to see our platform in action, you can sign up here or request a demo. Our team responds within 24 hours and can help you begin using automated remote assessments.

Hiring remotely offers the advantage of evaluating candidates across geographical boundaries in a short amount of time. Because we understand this, we built our platform for a scale that can handle thousands of assessments simultaneously. You can schedule a demo here to learn more about how a scalable remote assessments platform can fuel your organizational growth.

Skillspace.AI uses a variety of types of questions to help you create relevant assessments for the skills you are seeking in your hires. Using Skillspace.AI, you can evaluate developers using multiple-choice questions (MCQs), data science challenges, file upload questions, git-based project assessments, and coding challenges for evaluating proficiency in fundamental subjects like Data Structures and Algorithms.

Skillspace.ai is known for having a much elegant user interface and it offers several essential features such as Video Calling, Pair Programming, Notekeeping, Whiteboard, and much more.

Yes, a candidate’s code submission and drawn diagrams can be viewed later.

As of date, Skillspace.ai effortlessly handles 40+ languages including Python, C, C++, Javascript, Ruby, Java, and other mainstream programming languages.

Yes, you can cancel them using the Cancellable Invite section.

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Neeraj Kumawat

We strive to deliver world class products to 100 million+ users of Trell, and for this we’ve always explored impactful avenues. I’m delighted that we could find a great partner in DPhi who helped us with our first edition of Data Science Challenge.

Neeraj Kumawat

VP Engineering, Trell

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