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University Hiring drives needs a customizable, secure, and reliable Assessment platform

Here’s how skillspace.aI enables a delightful campus hiring experience for hiring teams and talent


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Evaluate at a larger scale and spot hidden prodigies


Secure your assessments with intelligent proctoring


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Subramanian Karunanithi

DPhi provided all the features we needed to host the internal coding challenges. Their team supported us with a few custom features to provide a gamified experience through a real-time leaderboard. We were highly satisfied by the outstanding support from the DPhi team and looking forward to continuing our association.

Subramanian Karunanithi

Engineering Lead, Cisco

Features for Seamless University Hiring Assessments

Intuitive dashboard with rich experience

Campus hiring drive means high pressure for delivering results. Keep things simple with the Skillspace.AI dashboard that only shows insights that matter during your technology hiring visits.

Exhaustive non-googleable library of challenges

Quickly set up high-quality assessments with our library of 100+ questions. Skillspace.AI questions are not searchable on the internet and cover various topics and difficulty levels, allowing you to create the relevant assessment for your open positions.

Library | Skillsapce
Proctoring | SKillspace

Robust proctoring to maintain integrity in hiring drives

Skillspace.AI automated proctoring continuously monitors suspicious activities to provide a concise report on the go. Powerful features deter candidates from cheating in campus hiring drives and flag malicious activities through detailed analytics.

In-depth candidate progress that helps in hiring without bias

Identify top university talent highlighted solely based on code, jupyter notebook, or project submissions in your hiring challenges. The leaderboards are dynamically generated through skill assessments to help you conduct university hiring drives without bias.

Progress | Skillspace

What Our Clients Are Saying About Us​

Neeraj Kumawat

We strive to deliver world class products to 100 million+ users of Trell, and for this we’ve always explored impactful avenues. I’m delighted that we could find a great partner in DPhi who helped us with our first edition of Data Science Challenge.

Neeraj Kumawat

VP Engineering, Trell

Optimize next university hiring initiative with


We’ve created an intuitive assessment platform that makes it easy to set up your first assessment on the platform within 10 minutes. You can directly sign up for the platform here or request a demo for your team. We respond within 24 hours to help you get started with automated technical assessments right away.

University hiring is often characterized by high volumes of applications and stiff timelines. We understand this, and hence we’ve built our platform for a scale that supports thousands of simultaneous assessments. This enables companies to conduct hiring challenges for multiple universities concurrently if they wish to do so. If you’re looking to get started with a scalable skill-based assessments platform, then you can request a demo here.

Different types of questions are available in Skillspace.AI to help you create relevant assessments for the skills that you are looking for in your next set of university hires. With Skillspace.AI, you can evaluate developers through multiple-choice questions (MCQs), data science challenges, file upload questions, automated project assessments based on Git, and coding challenges for assessing proficiency in fundamental subjects like Data Structures and Algorithms.

Applicants may use any means at their disposal to achieve better results in your hiring process. In university hiring challenges where malpractices are common, not just the interview to hire ratio but the employer brand gets compromised. To solve this problem, Skillspace.AI has by far the best proctoring and plagiarism solution. Using Skillspace.AI, you can customize the proctoring stringency and eliminate cheating without affecting the developer experience. When hiring teams enable proctoring features, our platform continuously monitors candidates’ online behavior and alerts them in case of suspicious activities to deter them from cheating in the first place. Furthermore, the platform shows you the confidence scores for each candidate right after the assessments are completed and lets you decide on the suspicious cases.

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