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Subramanian Karunanithi

DPhi provided all the features we needed to host the internal coding challenges. Their team supported us with a few custom features to provide a gamified experience through a real-time leaderboard. We were highly satisfied by the outstanding support from the DPhi team and looking forward to continuing our association.

Subramanian Karunanithi

Engineering Lead, Cisco

Features for Seamless University Hiring Assessments

Gamification that delights and enhances participation

Identify the employees who excel in your coding contests, data science challenges, and internal hackathons. Conduct team-based or individual contests and gamify the experience with leaderboards generated based on code, jupyter notebooks, or project submissions. All participants can see the leaderboards, which promotes friendly competition further.

Real-world challenges to up-skill & engage employees

Set up relevant contests with our library of hundreds of questions that cannot be found on the internet. The library covers a wide range of skills, topics, and difficulty levels, so you can tailor the challenges to your HR and Engineering Managers’ preferences.

Library | Skillsapce

Interface that resonates with your employer brand

Customize the landing pages of your challenges to match your employer brand. Provide developers with internal engagement challenges on our world-class IDE that helps focus on solving problem statements rather than syntax and UX issues.

What Our Clients Are Saying About Us​

Neeraj Kumawat

We strive to deliver world class products to 100 million+ users of Trell, and for this we’ve always explored impactful avenues. I’m delighted that we could find a great partner in DPhi who helped us with our first edition of Data Science Challenge.

Neeraj Kumawat

VP Engineering, Trell

Upskill your employees with exciting developer challenges


If you conduct programming challenges within your organization, we understand that the goal is to have fair competition without compromising the developer experience significantly. You can modify the stringency of the proctoring on Skillspace.ai and eliminate cheating without impacting the candidate experience. By enabling all proctoring features, the platform monitors candidates’ online behavior and alerts them to cheating attempts in order to prevent them from committing malpractices in the first place. Further, Skillspace.ai shows you the confidence score for each candidate as soon as the assessments are completed, allowing you to decide on suspicious cases.

To help you create a variety of challenges, Skillspace.AI supports a variety of types of questions. On Skillspace.AI, you can host internal hackathons, conduct coding or data science challenges, and create innovation-driven project-based team challenges. To learn more about the implementation and get a demo of the platform, click here.

We’ve created an intuitive assessment platform that makes it easy to set up your first assessment on the platform within 10 minutes. You can directly sign up for the platform here or request a demo for your team. We respond within 24 hours to help you get started with automated technical assessments right away.

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