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Our agile approach enables us to serve our customers better. Please share your requirements. Our team will review your requirements in the upcoming sprint and let you know.

Our agile approach enables us to serve our customers better. Please share your requirements and we'll let you know.​

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FAQs offers a bucket list of features on its Assessment Platform and the Interviews Platform. To know more, please visit their request product pages.

Yes, and these questions are reviewed on a monthly basis to ensure that they’re not available online. 

Further, if you want, you can add your own questions too. uses a variety of types of questions to help you create relevant assessments for the skills you are seeking in your hires, including 1-on-1 Technical Interviews. Using, you can evaluate developers using multiple-choice questions (MCQs), coding interviews, data science challenges, file upload questions, git-based project assessments, and coding challenges for evaluating proficiency in fundamental subjects like Data Structures and Algorithms. Further, it also has a private repository of non-googleable problems across 12+ engineering and data science functions.

Yes, it helps early-stage startups as well. Typically companies in pre-Seed, Seed, or Series A round of funding need to hire good technical talent but are crunched on resources. In such cases, having efficient processes becomes of paramount importance.

Hiring remotely offers the advantage of evaluating candidates across geographical boundaries in a short amount of time. Because we understand this, we built our platform for a scale that can handle thousands of assessments simultaneously. You can request a demo to learn more about how a scalable remote assessments platform can fuel your organizational growth.

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