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Mettl and are pre-employment screening platforms that allow companies to improve their hiring process with technical assessments. There are common functionalities available on all of these platforms, such as Test Creation, Questions Library, Live Coding Interviews, MCQ-format questions, and the possibility to integrate your ATS. Mettl is known for its wide range of MCQ-based tests and its name became more well-known after Mercer acquired it. However, Mettl has limited functionalities, and it often circles back to having a variety of standard MCQ-based tests. In contrast, technical support, candidate experience, and a hands-on assessments approach are areas where you might not find great reviews on the platform. At, we are aware of the importance involved on both the candidate and employer end, and this is reflected in our features and practices. Vs Mettl’s Pricing and Features

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We understand that when you evaluate candidates remotely, it is imperative for your hiring assessments to be accurate and secured with automated invigilation mechanisms. Hence we built a way better proctoring solution for resolving this concern. You can customize the proctoring stringency and eliminate cheating without affecting the candidate experience. When enabled, the platform monitors candidates’ online behavior and alerts them when there is an indicator of cheating to prevent them from engaging in malpractices in the first place. Additionally, the platform shows you the confidence score for each candidate as soon as the assessments are completed, allowing you to decide on suspicious cases.

The first step is to acknowledge the problem and its criticality. A hiring assessment is an opportunity for both the candidate and employer to create significant value and impact. Thus, our team diligently monitors the ongoing tests to address any such queries as soon as possible. Moreover, live chat is available to all our customers, allowing them to get real-time answers to their questions. We also provide on-demand call support to eliminate hurdles during university hiring drives.

Hiring remotely offers the advantage of evaluating candidates across geographical boundaries in a short amount of time. Because we understand this, we built our platform for a scale that can handle thousands of assessments simultaneously. You can request a demo to learn more about how a scalable remote assessments platform can fuel your organizational growth. uses a variety of types of questions to help you create relevant assessments for the skills you are seeking in your hires, including 1-on-1 Technical Interviews. Using, you can evaluate developers using multiple-choice questions (MCQs), coding interviews, data science challenges, file upload questions, git-based project assessments, and coding challenges for evaluating proficiency in fundamental subjects like Data Structures and Algorithms. Further it also has a private repository of non-googleable problems across 12+ engineering and data science functions.

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