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Skillspace.ai offers a much cleaner interface and a stronger proctoring mechanism at price that truly empowers your technology hiring teams.

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What makes Skillspace.ai different from HackerRank?

Cleaner UX

Average rating of 4.8/5 in over 120K+ assessments

Better Proctoring

Powerful AI Models that detect and deter cheating in tests


Using Skillspace.ai Vs HackerRank saves at least 50% on any plan


On-Demand 24 X 7 Support for all our customers

We saw companies seeking a great HackerRank alternative at a better pricing. So we made it.

Beginner developers at universities often look up to HackerRank's learning platform. Technical hiring, however, is a different story. Hiring teams need an efficient assessment and pair coding solution at a justified price point. So we created Skillspace.ai. Today we’re helping companies like yours hire better talent faster and in a more sustainable way. And, we're continuously getting better at what we do. Companies starting from seed-stage startups to Fortune 500s, including Cisco, Alibaba, and Capgemini, are happy users of our products. To see the Skillspace.ai advantage firsthand, we're offering you ten free invites and free access for 14 days.

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Refactor your engineering and data science hiring by switching to a better choice.

HackerRank's Annual Pricing will Cost you 213% More.

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Firstly, HackerRank DOES NOT leverage AI in a true sense to prevent cheating. We understand that when you evaluate candidates remotely, it is imperative for your hiring assessments to be accurate and secured with automated invigilation mechanisms. Hence we built a way better procotoring solution for resolving this concern. You can customize the proctoring stringency and eliminate cheating without affecting the candidate experience. When enabled, the platform monitors candidates’ online behavior and alerts them when there is an indicator of cheating to prevent them from engaging in malpractices in the first place. Additionally, the platform shows you the confidence score for each candidate as soon as the assessments are completed, allowing you to decide on suspicious cases. Unlike HackerRank, you don’t have to view dozens of screenshots manually to see if cheating was happening coincidentally. Here you get to analyze things in a much simpler way.

It starts with acknowledging a problem. HackerRank has been a first mover to solve for tech hiring. While we resepct their creators for it, we realize that paying as per HackerRank’s pricing limits an employer’s ability to test candidates purely based on skills. As a company, we don’t want to dry out a significant portion of your budgets testing a small chunk of candidates. Using our intuitive assessment platform, you can create your first assessment within 10 minutes and at much lower cost. We’ve helped companies of all sizes and we can do it for you too. If you would like to see our platform in action, you can sign up here or request a demo. Our team responds within 24 hours and can help you begin using automated remote assessments.

Hiring remotely offers the advantage of evaluating candidates across geographical boundaries in a short amount of time. Because we understand this, we built our platform for a scale that can handle thousands of assessments simultaneously. You can request a demo to learn more about how a scalable remote assessments platform can fuel your organizational growth.

Skillspace.ai uses a variety of types of questions to help you create relevant assessments for the skills you are seeking in your hires, including 1-on-1 Technical Interviews. Using Skillspace.ai, you can evaluate developers using multiple-choice questions (MCQs), coding interviews, data science challenges, file upload questions, git-based project assessments, and coding challenges for evaluating proficiency in fundamental subjects like Data Structures and Algorithms.

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