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Candidate Screening at Scale: Strategies that Work in Technology Hiring - Hiring Diaries

Now more than ever, identifying, engaging, and onboarding technical talent is crucial. Technology companies are experiencing a surge in growth and venture capital funding, and there is an acute shortage of talent. Talent leaders are experiencing higher attrition rates in their hiring funnels, and the problem of improving the quality of hires and time to fill seems to persist. In this episode, we discuss various aspects of candidate screening strategies and learn from the experience and expertise gained by our guest speaker, Vishwanadh Raju.


Vishwanadh is a seasoned HR Professional with Expertise in Global Talent Acquisition with over 18+ years of experience in managing Talent Acquisition in Product Development and Investment Banking Captives. In the past, he has driven Global Talent Branding, Talent Strategy, Candidate Experience, and University Relations for companies such as Wells Fargo, Bank of America, and Deutsche Bank. Currently, Vishwanadh heads Dun and Bradstreet India’s Talent Acquisition and manages its Talent Strategy, Branding, and University Relations functions.

Highlights of the webinar:

  • Screening strategies for top tech talent: Understanding their importance
  • Decoding the process of automated technical screening.
  • Aligning engineering and TA functions for a successful process
  • Preventing funnel attrition and making the screening process more attractive to candidates.
  • Implementation and impact of fair technical assessments
  • Crafting assessments for senior engineers and data scientists
  • Setting the right hiring benchmarks and timelines
  • Things to consider when choosing an assessment platform
  • Evaluating and refining candidate screening processes
  • Remote-first hiring: creating a fantastic candidate experiences
  • And more.

Additional Benefit:

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